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145 artists throughout the animation industry.

Bugs Bunny

Drawn by Dave Alvarez


Daffy Duck

Drawn by Shawn Dickinson

Shawn Dickinson: Cartoonist

Porky Pig

Drawn by Ashlyn Anstee

Elmer Fudd

Drawn by Pendleton Ward

Tweety Pie

Drawn by Eric Bauza


Drawn by Sara Pocock

Yosemite Sam

Drawn by Natasha Weir

Foghorn Leghorn

Drawn by Sofia G. Cuevas


Drawn by Phui Jing Ling

Wile E. Coyote

Drawn by Julianne May

Petunia Pig

Drawn by Jessica Borutski

Pepé le Pew

Drawn by Megan Fisher

Tasmanian Devil

Drawn by Erin Hunting

Speedy Gonzales

Drawn by Vanessa “Jazz DaFunk” Flores

Marvin the Martian

Drawn by Benjamin Anders

Henery Hawk

Drawn by Daniel J. Permutt

Beaky Buzzard

Drawn by Nico Colaleo

Witch Hazel

Drawn by Haley Rose

The Goofy Gophers (Mac and Tosh)

Drawn by Lorenzo Estrada

Charlie Dog

Drawn by Megan Phonesavanh

The Three Bears (Paw, Maw and Junyer)

Drawn by Craig McCracken

Sylvester Junior

Drawn by Roya Shahidi

Tasmanian She-Devil

Drawn by Nicole Ham

Barnyard Dawg

Drawn by Caitlin Fogarty

Miss Prissy

Drawn by Cosmo Segurson


Drawn by Esteban Martinez


Drawn by Hayley Nelson


Drawn by Ashley Michelle Simpson

Hansel and Gretel

Drawn by Jeff Sornig

Pete Puma

Drawn by Frank Macchia

Hubie and Bertie

Drawn by Chris DeRose

Claude Cat

Drawn by Jessica Nightmare

Ralph Wolf

Drawn by Benjamin Arcand

Sam Sheepdog

Drawn by Austin M. Salmi


Drawn by Zoë Moss

Michigan J. Frog

Drawn by Karli Melder

Marc Antony and Pussyfoot

Drawn by MerriMonster

Penelope Pussycat

Drawn by Rhea Burtram


Drawn by Cheyenne Curtis

Instant Martians

Drawn by Mike Pelensky

Slowpoke Rodriguez

Drawn by Jenn Padilla

Cecil Turtle

Drawn by Pat Caldora

Private SNAFU

Drawn by Henrieke Goorhuis

Mr. Hook

Drawn by Calis

Hippety Hopper

Drawn by ZLLM

The Dover Boys

Drawn by Jordan Rosato

Dan Backslide

Drawn by Ariel Vracin-Harrell

Dora Standpipe

Drawn by Zi Chen


Drawn by Ami Guillén


Drawn by Henry Smith


Drawn by Javier Ulloa


Drawn by Grace Young

The Dodo

Drawn by Phil Jacobson

Rocky and Mugsy

Drawn by Sam Grinberg

A. Flea

Drawn by David "PEZ" Hofmann


Drawn by L.M. Knight


Drawn by Ellen Kramer

Goopy Geer

Drawn by Jules Bridgers

Red Hot Ryder

Drawn by Keegan Tsetta

Three Little Bops

Drawn by Aron Keyser

Three Little Bops Big Bad Wolf

Drawn by Areg Savchenko

Uncle Big Bad and Nephew

Drawn by Circe Bogart

Little Red Riding Hood

Drawn by Kaitrin Snodgrass

Little Red Riding Rabbit Big Bad Wolf

Drawn by David Dushey

Three Little Pigs

Drawn by Ham Firouzan

Ralph Phillips

Drawn by David Tineo

Playboy Penguin

Drawn by Travis 'Scooter' Taylor

Melissa Duck

Drawn by Starline Hodge

Hector the Bulldog

Drawn by Phil Hoover

Peter Lorre (Mad Scientist)

Drawn by Forosha

Tweety (Dr. Jekyll version)

Drawn by Ruth Turner

The Crusher

Drawn by Jeff Schuetze

Babbit and Catstello

Drawn by Chad Bennett

Hugo the Abominable Snowman

Drawn by Kate Laird

Egghead, Jr.

Drawn by Randeep Katari

Toro the Bull

Drawn by Jessie Fein

Green Mad Scientist

Drawn by Nate DeDeurwaerder

Cool Cat

Drawn by Mary “Zorilita” Bellamy

Colonel Rimfire

Drawn by MurpheyStuffs

Merlin the Magic Mouse and Second Banana

Drawn by Kevin "Drew" Arsenault

Bunny and Claude

Drawn by CoyoteRom

Doctor I.Q. Hi

Drawn by ProjectENDO

Spike and Chester

Drawn by Cole Rothacker


Drawn by Kim Roberson

Count Bloodcount

Drawn by Bunny Pina

Agatha and Emily

Drawn by Caitlin Rose Boyle

McKimson Cat

Drawn by Bobby Baxter

Conrad Cat

Drawn by Rachel Allen

The Gremlin

Drawn by Robert Iza

Ham & Ex

Drawn by Charlotte Jackson

Sloppy Moe

Drawn by Zach Paulus


Drawn by Nikki Cash

Gabby Goat

Drawn by Rachet Cartoons

George and Benny

Drawn by Dustin Jackson

Bill the Weasel

Drawn by Noel Rodriguez

Clarence Cat

Drawn by Greg Franklin

Curt and Pumpkinhead

Drawn by Matthew Benham

"Mad Russian" Dog

Drawn by Nicolas Martinez

Owl Jolson

Drawn by Veronicaandjelly

The Honey-Mousers

Drawn by Anoosha Syed

Jack Benny and Rochester

Drawn by ZAROCK

A Gruesome Twosome

Drawn by Sandra D. Rivas

The Gambling Bug

Drawn by Ashley Odell

Nasty Canasta

Drawn by Damon O’Keefe


Drawn by Lizzy Dodig

Smokey The Genie

Drawn by Perry Hull

Babyface Finster

Drawn by Karl Hadrika

The Crazy Crows (Jose and Manuel)

Drawn by MKMaffo

Giovanni Jones

Drawn by k7vin

Horton the Elephant

Drawn by Perin McLean

Lazy Bird Mayzie

Drawn by Ian Vazquez


Drawn by Caroline Director

Frisky Puppy

Drawn by Christina Gardner

Angus MacRory

Drawn by Steve Dorian

Moth and Honeybee

Drawn by Louie Ramos

Black Widow Spider

Drawn by Greg Chen

Heathcliff and Louie

Drawn by Michael J. Ruocco

Two Curious Puppies

Drawn by Sia Mistry

The Flying Kitten

Drawn by Eric J. Meister


Drawn by Joey Mason

Charles M. Wolf

Drawn by Naomi Romero

Sylvester’s Friends

Drawn by Gabe Del Valle

Freddy the Freshman

Drawn by Sadiq Wade

The Drunk Stork

Drawn by Henrique Jardim

So White

Drawn by Daisy Church

The Little Man from the Draft Board

Drawn by Eric J. Meister

Millicent Hare

Drawn by Brianne Drouhard

Emily Chicken

Drawn by Sarah Brand

High Note

Drawn by Derek Olock

"Easta Egg" Brat

Drawn by Kiana

Easter Bunny

Drawn by Jeremy Fuscaldo

Angelo the Mighty Flea

Drawn by Arica Tuesday

Casper Caveman and Fido

Drawn by Georden Whitman

Thespian Dog

Drawn by NarnDraws

The Hep Cat

Drawn by Fable Siegel


Drawn by Dirk E. Schulz

Wackiki Castaways

Drawn by Mike L. Mayfield

The Leprechauns

Drawn by AdriOfTheDead

Elvis and Pappy

Drawn by Matt Danner

Cottontail Smith

Drawn by NineDoodles

Blacque Jacque Shellacque

Drawn by Zach Heffelfinger

Mr. Meek

Drawn by @spastikchuwawa

The Great Piggy Bank Robbery Bad Guys

Drawn by Rex Hackelberg

Brunhilda Bugs

Drawn by Sabrina Alberghetti

Duck Amuck Daffy

Drawn by Kevin Sukho Lee

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